Rent the Perfect Bridal Outfit For Your Wedding Day

Have you been checking out bridal outfits lately? Currently, the vibe for bridal lehengas and gowns is at the rage among all. Almost every bride desire to be wonderful and distinctive in the wedding season. How has been your shopping going? We are sure the price tag of the lehenga might have shocked you totally – but not anymore! We at Popin provide bridal clothes on rent in Mumbai and make sure to cater to every bride’s needs at the lowest price possible.

Popin has an amazing bridal collection of lehenga and gowns in varied colours and patterns that you can rent. Yes, we save you from the hassle of buying expensive garments that you might not even repeat later. And also, renting attire saves one from storing an outfit for decades. With all this, you can enjoy your day easily without feeling guilty about the expenses. Isn’t it interesting? But that is not it! Renting a bridal outfit from us comes with many other things you need to remember. Here are a few things to consider before you pick and rent an ideal outfit for your D-Day.

  1. Check the price: Remember why you prefer renting an outfit. It is all about the price! So, you shouldn’t be ignoring that in any way. Be conscious of the price. However, at Popin, we have the lowest rental rates but you might surely have a certain budget for the dress, right? Therefore, we recommend that you stick to that. Furthermore, look at the total renting price including the shipping cost, and alterations and decide accordingly.


  1. Determine your type: Deciding a wedding dress is an emotional affair – you may fall into tears watching yourself as a princess. All of this comes down to the type of outfit you want. Some brides may prefer a gown while some may prefer a lehenga. Tailed gowns, fishtails, peplums and so on are some types of bridal garbs available. Now, deciding the type before your rent is all up to you.


  1. Decide a colour: Do you have any colour in mind that you want to wear on your special day? Any inspiration from celerity? You also need to decide the colour of the lehenga you want. Keeping researching about shades so that it becomes easy for you to filter from our huge collection. At least pick up five colours that you think might complement your personality so that you dress hunt gets simple. 


  1. Look at the timeline: Having a look at the store’s timeline is the most crucial. Sometimes, an outfit may not be available on your preferred date. Getting a wedding dress on time should be the top priority! We recommend you rent well before time so it gives you enough time to check and get accessories on it. 


  1. Check the size: What could be the worst nightmare when you get a bridal lehenga on rent? It is obviously the size! Getting a wedding dress that is either too small or too big is the biggest turnoff. That is why one should look at the sizing guidelines keenly to ensure that your dress is of the right fit.  


  1. Read customer reviews: Pictures on the site are very helpful and might even compel you to pick an outfit. But don’t forget, you are taking your wedding clothes on rent – and there is no chance of error here! Not all brands do justice to rental things. Thus, we recommend you have a look at customers’ reviews about the brand and if possible, about the dress you are planning to rent. This shall give you an overall idea.



Renting the main outfit for a special occasion can be really overwhelming. But fret not, with our above-mentioned points, you can do it with ease. Also, at Popin, we assure you to provide the best service possible. We offer bridal outfits in many sizes, patterns, motifs and materials. We absolutely understand the anxiety related to the main outfit- so check out our extensive range of beautiful garments and we promise you to give an extravagant shopping experience. Have a look at our trending bridal range available for rent today!

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