Five Incredible Benefits Of Renting A Groomsman Sherwani

Wedding! Wedding! Wedding! It is all about clothes for every function. Doesn’t this stress you out? Your friend’s wedding is when you can sparkle your shine like a hero. But being broke at such a good event is something anyone can experience. After all, buying clothes for different occasions is an expensive affair. So, it is normal to feel overwhelmed! How will you manage the expense, though? Will you repeat the same sherwani you wore to your other friend’s wedding? Buying heavy attire can be a total waste of money. Additionally, look at your wardrobe – it is crying for some space. So, what is to be done in this case? 


Popin is here for the rescue! Now, you don’t have to worry anymore about straining your pockets, repeating your outfits, or creating a space for storing occasional clothes. All you have to do is, get a sherwani on rent! This option is the best as it offers unlimited selection possibilities and other incredible benefits. Let’s see a few of them:


  1. Budget-friendly: Spending a chunk of money on attire you may barely repeat is a big no-no! It is similar to throwing your money in a trash can. Renting allows you to save money as the price of renting is far less compared to buying a new designer sherwani. For instance, assume that you brought a sherwani worth 30,000 INR. How many times will you wear it? Probably, once or twice! Plus, you will have to keep spending on its storage for years. By renting a sherwani, you save money as the rental cost will be less than half. Moreover, you don’t even have to spend on heavy dry-cleaning and appropriate storage procedures. Isn’t saving money the biggest perk of renting?


  1. No Repetition: We understand the hesitation of repeating clothes. It is normal to have a fear of being judged! Also, there is always doubt whether the clothes you have match the current trends. So many things are going through your mind right now – Chill….. Popin is at your service as we can help you rent a dress from our exclusive collection that is the latest and most affordable. Wear our outfits to your friend’s wedding and get ready to get credit from others. 


  1. No worries once you book: Hiring anything comes with booking prior. With your friend’s wedding, you have so many things on your plate, such as office presentations, meetings, getting clothes, looking after your friends, and so on. While all of this goes on – it is likely to forget about yourself, especially since there is almost no time left for shopping. But don’t worry! You can check out our collection online as per your size and preference, come to our store, try, make payments and book your attire immediately. We will take care of all your alterations and dry-cleaning so that you don’t miss out on any moment of your friend’s wedding.


  1. It saves time: Arrangements is the second name of weddings. There is so much to do till the last minute. The purchase of materials, work, fittings and so on are left till the last minute. Even when you purchase ready-made attire, alterations get on the nerve! Renting an outfit is a quick option. All thanks to the technological world, which is a boon for all of us. No wonder how much time we all save on renting as compared to buying. Additionally, you save effort too!


  1. Keeps away the guilt: As said above, buying a sherwani is very costly. The responsibility of overspending and not wearing it again can bother you always. To keep yourself free from this guilt, renting is what you should prefer. You have to wear it once and return it. Furthermore, renting even gives room for experimentation without having to spend much and feel bad about it.






We hope that these benefits might have compelled you to rent an ideal sherwani for your friend’s wedding. Being a groomsman is not an easy task – you must take care of the groom and yourself. We want you to look the best, and thus we offer exceptional service and designer clothing to cater to your needs. Popin Designer can be a genie in your life. Remember us, and we will help you get an ideal pair of sherwani that shall appear dapper!

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